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Services Provided

FCW is an innovative multi-product and service SME offering the following for business and individuals alike......

Marketing Services

  1. Telemarketing– Inbound, outbound hot warm and cold lead work.
  2. Multichannel marketing – press, social media, web, etc. ·
  3. Web Management (building, administration, and optimization). ·
  4. Event planning and organization. ·
  5. Product placement and outdoor event work. ·
  6. Data mining (using sql on relational databases - ADP 8.35/Elite/CRM etc).
  7. Production of copy for a range of media sources (print/digital/radio)
  8. Market research and service/process audits.
  9. Preparation of marketing plans and strategy.

IT Services

  1. Hardware/ software upgrades and installs.
  2. PC system Troubleshooting and repair.·
  3. Network optimization and troubleshooting. ·
  4. Cat5/6 cabling and other enhancements. ·
  5. System planning and related work.
  6. Project planning.
  7. Training (both delivery and planning).
  8. Report generation and MIS work undertaken.
  9. Coding in C+ / Android app Work researched and undertaken.

   All work undertaken in a strictly confidential manner. Competitive Prices  

Other Services

  1. Health, Life, and Content Insurance - For individuals and businesses of all sizes. Competitive quotes from our partner business which is regulated by the FSA. Contact us on our Say Hi page for a no-obligation quotation
  2. Business Funding - For small to medium-sized business's please contact us using our say hi! page for a competitive quotation from our partner business.
  3. CV/Resume/Work Placement Service - For our CV/Resume Service at very competitive rates please go to our "Online Shop" page for details.
  4. Gifts/Stationary and innovative products - Our range will be expanding! Please visit our online shop page for further details.
  5. Training - both design and delivery, online and real-time onsite


OR: Contact Us Using Our "Say Hi!" Page below

We Aim To Get Back To You Within 24 Hours

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